Concrete Polishing, Dyes and Stains, Epoxy Systems and Polishable Overlays

Polished Concrete

By nature, Polished Concrete is one of the most durable flooring options available. Because concrete polishing is multi-step process, owners can choose the desired level of aggregate exposure and level of final sheen depending on the desired aesthetic. The addition of colors including, dyes and stains, along with single or multicolored pattern / logo / design options, make possible a wide range of creativity.

Penetrating Densifiers, applied at critical steps in the polishing phases, help harden the concrete and lock in the shine for years. All of our polished floors incorporate specific stain guards in the finishing stages, these penetrants can be chosen based on organic and hydrocarbon criteria. Many owners are surprised when we explain how easy these floors are to maintain and even more surprised at the minimal cost.

All this versatility makes Polished Concrete an ideal solution for Architectural, Industrial, and Institutional floors. Rarely do we encounter a concrete surface, new or old, that can’t be polished. And as we like to tell owners, “NO MORE WAX”.

Concrete Dyes & Stains

Concrete dyes and stains can be used on polished overlays, polished concrete, and unpolished concrete. They can produce earthy tones and vibrant colors on almost any concrete surface. If not polished, a clear sealer or epoxy can be incorporated to provide a protective surface. Epoxy sealers are highly recommended by CCS due to its durability. In regions where concrete is known to be hard such as Texas, we also recommend mechanical profiling for improved results, especially when the concrete has had a previous covering. Otherwise, options include Integral Colored Concrete, which is mixed at the concrete batch plant, and Colored Hardeners which offer maximum durability, though both options involve a little extra pre-planning to execute.

We are often asked to provide color options for outside applications such as patios and courtyards. The important consideration for any outside project is the suitability of products. Some color options and sealers are weather and UV stable, while others are not. With the right selection of products, outside applications can have as much durability as an interior setting. Regardless of the setting, we can incorporate control and decorative saw-cuts into your design, along with color matched joint sealants to provide a continuous effect.

Epoxy / Resinous / Urethane Floor / Wall / Cove Base

In today’s building market, architects, designers, and owners want solutions that offer superior performance, desirable aesthetic appeal and make environmental sense. Our resinous flooring and wall systems offer these attributes, are environmentally friendly, and can even contribute towards LEED project certification. Several manufacturers offer materials certified by Air Quality Sciences (AQS) to meet standards for School Indoor Air Quality.

Our systems range from highly decorative commercial and institutional, to heavy duty industrial systems. Most floors can also incorporate an integral cove base for a complete ‘bathtub’ effect. Plus, aggregate reinforced resin floors such as Mortar, Quartz and Urethane Concrete systems have the potential to outlast their building’s life cycle.

Choosing the right flooring system is key, and asking the following questions will aid with that decision. What environment are you operating in? What are your expectations for its use? How long do you expect the floor to function? Once we have these answers, we can suggest the most appropriate system for your needs.

Polishable Overlays

Overlays are quickly becoming the new superstar of the decorative concrete flooring world, especially in high profile areas. Although most concrete slabs can be polished, most have flaws such as divots, cracks and spalling which require patching and blending. These remedial steps will often be highlighted in the polishing process and show through as less then desirable imperfections.

To meet the demand for aesthetically pleasing floors, owners and architects are increasingly specifying Polishable Concrete Overlays in portions of, or even entire buildings. Overlays can be used to cover up a problem area or just guarantee a consistent finished product where a polished floor is desired. Overlays can incorporate sawcuts, topical and integral colors, as well as seeding with broadcast aggregates including glass and marble. These features make Overlays an economic alternative to Terrazzo. Often referred to as Micro Toppings, these systems can be installed over almost any hard surface including concrete, tile, and terrazzo. Also, maintenance for Polished Overlays is identical to that for polished concrete. Recommended steps include daily sweeping and spot mopping, periodic wet cleaning with neutral PH detergent and high-speed burnishing with diamond-impregnated pads.

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